This page provides links to other projects on a similar theme to RePublic_ZEB 



This project aims to accelerate the market entry of nearly zero-energy buildings by engaging and spreading knowledge amongst local municipalities.



BUILD UP is a platform which allows energy reduction practitioners and associations to share knowledge and best practice.



BUILD UPON’s name communicates the philosophy of the project: as a community we are already doing so much to help renovate our nations’ buildings – now it is critical to build upon this strong foundation by aligning our resources and initiatives – to create greater collective impact.

The project aims to empower 1,000 key stakeholders – from governments and businesses, to NGOs and householders – across 13 countries, to shape the change needed in our existing buildings.



CERtuS develop deep renovation projects and financing schemes to act as models with the aim of increasing investor confidence in nZEB.



A project to provide data and policy-making support to ensure strong penetration of nZEB and RES-H/C within the existing national building stocks in nine EU member states.



EPISCOPE aim to increase the transparency of energy efficient refurbishment in Europe. Though a set of energy performance indicators they aim to measure the quality of the energy refurbishments.



A project covering seventeen EU member states, which monitors and gathers data on the market uptake of nZEBs across Europe thereby assisting with policy optimisation.