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Macedonian Centre for Energy Efficiency

MACEF is voluntary scientific association, established in December 2002. As a multi‐disciplinary NGO consultancy, they provide intellectual, technical and project management support within the energy and environmental sectors. MACEF supports the research and development of energy policies, focusing on resource efficiency and planning, and promotes the implementation of energy efficiency action plans on a local and national level.


  • Increase the Energy Efficiency (EE) and Environmental Protection by capacity building
  • Identifying and implementing EE measures in cooperation with government, local government units, donors, engineers and ecologists at national and regional level.

Energy expertise in buildings:

  • Promotion and implementation of EE measures as part of the wider environmental agenda;
  • Expert advice and consultancy for energy and drinking water management;
  • Enable new technologies and best practice exchange on a regional and international level;
  • Planning and implementation of Municipality Action Plans for EE;
  • Air conditioning, heating, cooling and electrical lighting engineering design;
  • Recycling and use of municipal waste as an energy source;
  • Energy Education and training for various target groups;
  • Introduction of EE measures and new technologies across the industry sector;
  • Power transmission, low and high voltage electricity transformers;
  • Applying modern EE methods to renovate heating and ventilation systems in public buildings;
  • Supporting the development of the National Energy Policy; and
  • Policy analysis and recommendations for energy resources management and development.