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Black Sea Energy Research Centre (BSERC)

BSERC is a non-governmental organisation, which replaced the Black Sea Regional Energy Centre (BSREC) in 2007. The original centre was established in 1995 as part of a join initiative between the European Commission and the relevant Black Sea countries. BSERC is building on previous activities and results to expand their promotional efforts between the relevant countries and the EU. Another main area of work is supporting the national energy policies and research.

The organisation’s main objectives include:

  • Harmonisation of the national energy legislation with the relevant EU Directives, for all BSCs and in particular for Bulgaria;
  • Promotion of RES utilisation;
  • Sustainable energy development
  • Energy efficiency and rational use of energy;
  • Networking, exchange of experience and dissemination of energy-related information.

BSERC provide a wide range of services, using both their own staff and a pool of highly qualified external energy experts. This network of experts has developed over the last 17 years and facilitates co-operation between energy market players, including energy providers, government and the private sector. Their activities span across the whole Black Sea region, in order to ensure individual national requirements are met. Below are a number of examples demonstrating their experience in building energy performance.

  • Energy audits of industrial, residential, and public buildings
  • Market studies (e.g. assessment of national / local EE potential)
  • Legislation, i.e. contribution to:
  • Energy Efficiency Strategy and Action Plan of Bulgaria
  • Bulgarian Energy Efficiency Law
  • Harmonisation with the Energy Efficiency Directive
  • Training and dissemination